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Kanji: 水 and the water radical

水 is the kanji for water, based on a drawing of flowing water. It’s pronounced すい (sui) in compounds borrowed from Chinese and みず (mizu) in native Japanese words, and it’s found in words about water:

  • 水(みず) water, especially cool/cold water (hot/boiling water has its own word, 湯, pronounced ゆ/yu)
  • 水泳(すいえい) swimming (泳 swim)
  • 汚水(おすい) sewage (汚 dirty)
  • 塩水(しおみず) salt water (塩 salt)
  • 水色(みずいろ) light blue (“water-colored”: 色 color)

水 is also a radical in a few other kanji about water. You’ll usually see it on the bottom of the kanji.

…But you can also crush it down to three dots/drops 氵and write it on the left side of a kanji. This is the most common “water” radical, and one of the most common radicals period. Kanji with the water radical usually have something to do with water (or liquids in general).



Female BAMFs Throughout History

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